If so, you are in the right place. You can be and do so much more! 

We are reality-generating organisms. We can create new realities, new worlds, and new potentials for ourselves that far exceed anything that’s come before us. 


However, this is just whimsical bullshit unless you know how to do it. That's what the Transformashen® Training can do for you: show you how to transform who you are into who you want to be, in record time!

Fast Track Your Growth!

  • Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

    This path leads to a high level of conscious development, which is the integration of the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and external domains of consciousness into an embodied awareness -- Shenlightenment®.

  • Activate Healing & Increase Longevity

    Awakening the Transformashen process within you activates a perpetual state of healing and promotes life extension by stimulating the key biochemicals responsible for happiness, youthful vitality, and longevity. 

  • Reach Your Super Human Performance

    Live your best life by manifesting your greatest dreams. Plus, the continued spiritual development from this path can awaken extraordinary powers, like psychic and healing abilities, precognition, super intelligence, and more!

  • STEP 1

    Take The Transformashen Training.

    This video training series covers the core of the Shen Life path: how to awaken the spiritual fires and envision and manifest new potentials for your life.

  • STEP 2

    Join The Shen Life Pack.

    Continue to walk the Shen Life path with the support of the Shen Life community or Pack of growth-minded people who support each other virtually in the Shen Den with ongoing content from the leaders.

  • STEP 3

    Dive Deeper Into The Shen Life Immershen®. 

    This multi-media program dives into the depths of the entire Shen Life Model in a 12-module course. You will examine the holographic nature of life and address every aspect of your life...yes, everything... so you can heal, transform, and reach your full potential.

We Move People Forward!

Shen Life® continues to serve growth-minded people; some of whom were/are elite athletes, scholars, executives, physicians, therapists, award-winning creatives (Grammy, Emmy and Oscar winners), entrepreneurs, scientists, fitness gurus, super moms, strong fathers and vibrant youths.


Clear Path

25 Years

Of Experience

Thousands Of

Success Stories

Quit the bullsh!tt!n. 

Realize Your Full Potential! 

Shen means Spirit, hence Shen Life is a spiritual path. The primary goal is Shenlightenment: a very high level of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical attainment where extraordinary powers are unleashed. By reaching this stage of development, you can create your best life and perform at superhuman levels.


To make this radical change, a fundamental transformation must happen. It involves awakening the bioenergetics in the body to a very high level. In the East, this energy upgrade is commonly called the Kundalini awakening, while in the West it’s sometimes referred to as stoking the baptismal fires. This bio-energetic awakening or Transformashen is the catalyst to heal, transform, and reach your full potential. 

Common questions...

Why bother embarking on this path?

Will this conflict with my religious beliefs?

Is this a religion?

Is Shen Life a cult?

What if I’m too afraid to face my fears?

Do I have to stop seeing my doctor or therapist?

Why should I pay for spiritual information?

Will this path alienate my friends and family?

How do I know Shen Life is legit?

What's a visionary?





Take The



Learn how to awaken the spiritual fires and envision a new possibility for your life in this free video series!

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Why Others Love Shen Life!

Shen life is a spectacular approach to confronting your obstacles and achieving your goals in life.



You won't find a more in-depth, comprehensive, and holistic model for total well-being than what Shen Life has to offer. The inside-out approach that Shen Life embodies is exactly what's needed to improve health, money, lifestyle, relationships and any other aspect of life in which many of us struggle. There are hundreds of years of wisdom from some of the greatest minds in health, finance, and spirituality so expertly woven into a practical system geared towards real transformation. Shen Life has shaped the person I am today in the most profound ways, instilling in me the keen awareness that I am the creator of my own reality. I encourage anyone willing to work hard and get to the core of what it takes to transform into your best self to work with Stephen & Erica. Shen Life will change your life, just as it did mine!


Yoga Teacher & Bodyworker

To make a long story short, [after I started working with Stephen] I quadrupled sales in four months in the [health food] store... I was able to get out of that business and start new as a personal therapeutic chef, that I still do and love, which is also successful!... No one else had ever given me the support to make me think I could accomplish all of this and still come out better than OK...Out of this I found the man of my dreams and married for the first time at age 46...We bought a 60-acre ranch, did a major remodel, have paid all that off our debt, and have now made a plan to pay off the mortgage in the next few years. I am in the best relationship I have ever been in my life... All of this would not have been possible without Stephen and Erica. For that, they will always have a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful! Thank you!!!!


Therapeutic Chef

There’s nothing that compares to Shen Life! I have surpassed numerous huge goals, overcome daunting challenges, and avoided major pitfalls. Most importantly, I am amazed everyday at what is truly possible when we are living a Shen Life!


Massage Therapist

Shen Life has impacted me in ways I never imagined possible. Following the guidance of the pioneers at Shen life has gifted me with greater resilience in life and business, direction in my personal life, and a top down approach for what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. The gifts keep on giving and it is truly remarkable how far this approach can take you. It's limited only by my own capacity to keep up. Whether you are a professional athlete seeking peak performance, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a complementary health care provider, the Shen life approach to life will give you the tools to succeed. Great people doing exceptional work to make this planet a better place!!! Gratitude!



Stephen has been a major influence for me. He has made me aware of my many blind spots and helped me understand what actions I need to take to overcome them. I have worked with him one-on-one and in a group setting. I always feel inspired and energetic after each encounter. If you are looking to move forward in any aspect of your life Rogers is the guy who will guide you and help you achieve your goal.



You Can Realize Your Potential!

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